We are very proud to announce our first partnership with an academic institute, Università degli studi di Milano, to study and understand what does the presence of microplastic in the water involves on living beings (Humans included).

“We deal with everything related to environmental pollution, especially fresh water (eg level of contaminants in the Lago Maggiore)
And also the presence and toxic effects of microplastics on freshwater organisms (eg bivalves or zebrafish)
Obviously the same effects on freshwater organisms can be compared to all aquatic organisms in general, therefore also marine.
In general, if there are microplastics in inland waters, then they end up in the sea…”. Says Camilla Parenti, PhD student in environmental sciences,

for more information: http://www.environsci.unimi.it/res_area.php?sel=22

Researchers take mussels for experiments in the Lago Maggiore

From September we will updated our followers with weekly updates from the Biosciences department of ecotoxicology of Milan, you can also take part in the deepening, or propose yours projects and studies on:

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